Stay Groomed S.D. VIP

At Groomer19 & Friends Pet Salon

At Groomer 19 & Friends Pet Salon we provide care that makes grooming visits less stressful for pets and more rewarding for you.

What does our stay groomed S.D VIP include?

  • 12% off the bath & tidy appointment
  • 12% off all retail
  • Priority Pet Care


– If your dog needs in ASAP — think sprayed by a skunk, rolled in dead stuff, company coming unexpectedly — we will find a way to move them to the front of the line to take care of your pet, first!

– Premium Appointments — first access to holiday appointments. Plus we’ll remind you to secure your appointment early!

-You will be entered in our quarterly raffle for a free Thera-Clean spa treatment where your family pet will enjoy a special time with their favorite treat and relaxing in Thera -Clean microbubbles.

What’s the commitment from your end of this agreement

Simply schedule and bring your pet in for an every-two-weeks appointment, alternating a full groom with a bath & tidy appointment. This is great for breeds kept in longer styles, allowing them to be clean and tidy all of the time!. Short hair dogs benefit as well when scheduled every three weeks.